FrontFest 2017

FrontFest is the event about web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript ... and whatever comes up!) In which you can meet other front-end developers like you and learn from them. We want to bring together the best professionals, evangelists and gurus of the front-end development of all Spain.FrontFest emerges as an initiative of a group of participants in four of the most active communities within the front-end world in our country: Angular Madrid , Front-end Developers Madrid , HTML5 Spain and MadridJS .

From 18 Feb, 2017 to 18 Feb, 2017

FrontFest 2018

Segunda edición del evento exclusivamente dedicado al mundo del front-end en Madrid

From 17 Feb, 2018 to 17 Feb, 2018

FrontFest 2019

La conferencia para toda la comunidad frontend

From 09 Feb, 2019 to 09 Feb, 2019