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JSFoo 2017

We launched JSFoo in 2011 as India’s first JavaScript conference. The JS community in India has grown phenomenally since then. JavaScript now pervades every aspect of web development – browsers, apps, front-end, backend, mobile and IoT, and there’s always scope to understand new ideas and solutions. The conference explores new ideas, implementing innovative solutions, and learning from experiences, especially negative ones!

18 talks

Bangalore, India


From 15 Sep, 2017 to 16 Sep, 2017

JSFoo 2018

With JavaScript being used as much as it is talked about, JSFoo is certainly the most needed conference this year! The reasons for its popularity are also the reasons for its vulnerability (security-wise). Hence this edition will focus broadly on JavaScript and security.HasGeek hosted the first edition of JSFoo in 2011 to address the growing needs of a niche community working with Javascript. Since then, our JS community has grown tremendously. And this year, we’re meeting again on 26 – 27 October to explore new ideas and developments, to implement innovative solutions, and to learn from others’ experiences. Want to see the quality and topics of talks at last year’s conference? You can watch the JSFoo 2017 videos or the related ReactFoo 2017 videos to see what was on trend. Or check out the 2017 conference website.

From 26 Oct, 2018 to 27 Oct, 2018

JSFoo 2019

HasGeek is a technology company in the media business, bringing software automation to a traditionally people-intensive operation. HasGeek has organized over two dozen conferences attended by thousands of technology professionals, made several thousand connections, and built open source tools that are now used by many communities.

From 10 Jan, 2019 to 10 Jan, 2019