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JSHeroes 2017

JSHeroes is an Open-Source Community Event, created by and for the JavaScript Community.

18 talks

Cluj, Romania


From 08 Jun, 2017 to 09 Jun, 2017

JSHeroes 2018

We believe that the community and the open-source models are well suited for our core values:learning, teaching and knowledge sharing. Our mission is to inspire other communities with the concept of open-source events.We’re publishing all data about this conference, in full transparency. We are also available at any time for inquires and we`re really looking forward to sharing our knowledge about organizing international events. This way, whenever a community wants to start something similar, they can build on our knowledge.

From 10 Apr, 2018 to 12 Apr, 2018

JSHeroes 2019

JSHeroes is mostly focused on technical talks, the JavaScript ecosystem and the wonders of the Web. But each year, we pick a couple of extra topics we want to raise awareness of. In 2019, we tackle a major theme which impacts all of us one way or another: open source software. We are also committed to bringing on stage speakers that explore areas often overlooked by the community, namely: Web Accessibility, Mental Health and Balance.

From 11 Apr, 2019 to 12 Apr, 2019