RubyConf AU


RubyConf AU 2017

Melbourne's award winning convention and exhibition centre plays host to the 2017 Australian Ruby Conference. Situated on the picturesque South Wharf, MCEC provides a stunning location to learn, meet, and share with like minded Ruby enthusiasts from all around the world.RubyConf Australia is an inclusive conference and as such strives to be welcoming and accessible to as many people as possible.

From 09 Feb, 2017 to 10 Feb, 2017

RubyConf AU 2018

RubyConf AU is known for its fabulous social events, and this year is no exception!

From 08 Mar, 2018 to 09 Mar, 2018

RubyConf AU 2019

Our yearly gathering where we share knowledge about the Ruby programming language, and celebrate the Australian and broader Ruby community.

From 07 Feb, 2019 to 09 Feb, 2019