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Ng-Poland 2017

Meet Angularians from all over the world - share knowledge. Hear top speakers from around the world. Learn about the present and future of Angular and its ecosystem, TypeScript, tools and much more.

From 21 Nov, 2017 to 21 Nov, 2017

React Day Berlin 2017

React Day Berlin is a brand new event in the city, the first of its kind - a full day conference for engineers working with the React technology stack. Careful balance of practical and visionary talks from renowned speakers make React Day a unique place to meet and learn from the most forward-thinking international community members, influencers and open source maintainers.

From 02 Dec, 2017 to 02 Dec, 2017

HolyJS 2017

HolyJS is a specialized conference for JavaScript developers conducted by the Group. More than 600 JS developers gather under one roof to discuss the news of a rapidly developing ecosystem, fresh tools, frameworks, patterns and hundreds of changes with experts from around the world and hear dozens of reports on the frontend and not only. We are talking about backend, and about the desktop.

From 10 Dec, 2017 to 11 Dec, 2017

NationJS React 2018

The Mid-Atlantic's JavaScript and full web stack conference series!

From 05 Jan, 2018 to 05 Jan, 2018

StarCon 2018

Make Computer Science and its related technologies accessible to everyone, taking into consideration race, class, gender, ability, religion or sexual orientation, and intersections thereof.Create a culture that fosters learning and community building through knowledge sharing among people from diverse backgrounds.

From 06 Jan, 2018 to 07 Jan, 2018

Beyond Tellerrand Munich 2018

Hello and welcome to the archive of the first beyond tellerrand in Munich, which took palce from 15 to 17 January in 2018. You find all videos of the talks embedded in the speaker page of every speaker. Additionally you can use the links to either Vimeo or YouTube to watch all the videos.

From 15 Jan, 2018 to 17 Jan, 2018

Front End North 2018

A one day conference in Sheffield for front end developers.

From 19 Jan, 2018 to 19 Jan, 2018

ReactFoo Pune 2018

A conference on the lessons learned while implementing React and React Native.

From 19 Jan, 2018 to 20 Jan, 2018

AgentConf 2018

Experts and industry leaders come together to showcase their work in ReactJS, React Native and more.

From 25 Jan, 2018 to 28 Jan, 2018

JSConf.Asia 2018

Southeast Asia's largest web developer conference.

From 25 Jan, 2018 to 27 Jan, 2018